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This site is a fan site.  However there are some links and advertisers that have been interested in this site.  Therefore this page was created to host either sites that fans of Ashley may be interested in seeing or sites that have asked to be listed on this site.  Instead of putting these sites all over the pages, one page was created to list these types of sites.  Yes, harkleroad.sport does make a commission on a some of these sites and one day it may cover the cost of hosting this site.  This site was not listed to take advantage of Ashley's popularity.  It is purely a fan site.  Therefore all the advertisers will be relegated to this page.  It does cost money to host the site and to be able to acquire some of the photos and other things that Ashley's fans may be interested in seeing or knowing.  Don't feel obligated to buy anything from any of these sites.  If you do then the commissions will only go to improving this site.    


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