At All Tune and Lube we recognize that it is hard to find a mechanic that you can trust.  Well we would like to prove to you that there is a shop out there that you can trust.

We are a maintenance shop that can also do any repair.  The key to keeping your car in top condition is maintenance.  Who does that for you these days?  Do the quick lube shops check your brakes? NO!  Does Wal-Mart check belts and hoses?  NO! Does a regular repair shop give you a great price on an oil change?  NO! (Neither does Super Lube!)


Our routine inspections with every oil change will help you keep up with your vehicle.  We don't want to sell you anything you don't need but we do want to make you aware of items that may need attention in the future.  Items that are maintenance.  If you keep up with your maintenance, you may not need that dreaded repair.

Let us point out up front.  Some maintenance items aren't cheap.  For example, a timing belt on a Honda, which the salesman probably didn't tell you about.  However, it's cheaper to replace that timing belt on a designated maintenance program than it is to replace the engine.

That's what we try to do here at All Tune and Lube.  We will help you keep up with your vehicle.  We will advise you about issues we see on your vehicle but we won't make you buy any of them.  We hope that you will learn to trust us enough to help you keep up with your vehicle and recognize that when you do need a repair, that we are capable and that we will stand behind all of our work.