Ashley Harkleroad

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Bits and Pieces

Tennis Magazine Nike Ad

Recently Nike has been running ads in Tennis Magazine featuring a quote form Ashley.  In the ad a 13 year-year-old girl is writing in to John McEnroe asking for advise on men.  John, of course, defers to some Nike female experts.  Naturally one of the "female experts" is Ashley............ It all goes like this.....

Dear Mac

"I'm a 13-year-old girl and I'm already 5'11" and I've been playing tennis since I was four.  My problem is that I always beat the guys my age really badly and then they don't want to talk to me anymore.  I don't want to lose but I do want to have a boyfriend.  What can I do.


Dear O-Love

"I know a lot about women, but not as much as women know about women.  So, I've assembled a panel of experts that may help.  Good luck.


 Ashley Harkleroad

"That seems pretty common to most women on the tour.  I've been beating the guys in every sport since I can remember.  Listen, you don't want a boyfriend.  You should see all the hot guys on the tour.  They all have cute accents and really great legs.  My advice: Train hard, get on the tour and then you'll have your pick.  Also, never tell your dad about these thoughts.