Global Warming

   Global Warming - Truth or Dare?

Just follow the links below to see some of the facts you haven't heard.

    There is a lot of politics these days about "Global Warming."  The problem with all this is most people don't know the real truth and the media fails to fully investigate the subject.  Many people have been caught up in the emotional appeal of Global Warming.  After all, humans like the doomsday scenario.  It sucks us in every time.  Well this page will be up, to get the facts out.  Remember it wasn't all that long ago the big fear was "Nuclear Winter."  

    We hear enough of the bad stuff in the news.  The media seems to be especially susceptible  to "bad" news about "Global Warming."  After all we do like to hear it.  It sells newspapers and it boosts ratings.  We seem to want to know what happened that was bad and who cares about the good.  Good news gets kind of boring and sometimes a little to mushy.  The negative part about all this is the next thing you know you get suckered in to believing it all.  I think the media is especially bad about being suckered.  If all you're doing is reading a writing about the bad stuff pretty soon you believe it.

    Well this page is going to cover the good news.  It is kind of hard to find but it is out there.  If you're going to follow a topic you have to look at all the facts.  When it comes to "Global Warming" we only hear the bad facts.  There are a whole lot of people out there that believe it too.  Hopefully you will be able to come here and use the links listed on this page to make a fair judgment about is truth and what is fiction.

    At the same time in all this you hear a lot all about conserving our resources.  That is a good thing.  However when people like myself contradict or point out the errors of "Global Warming" for instance, we are accused of not caring.  That actually couldn't be further from the truth.  A good conservative is conservative about everything including natural resources.  On the other hand a good conservative doesn't have a knee jerk reaction to every little piece of negative news.  For instance I understand that fossil fuels are finite and most are non-renewable.  (Trees are renewable for instance and oil is not renewable.)  We should be looking for renewable sources.  Renewable sources are out there and we should be moving toward them over time and I believe we are moving that way.  What we shouldn't do is demagogue the automobile because of lies about "Global Warming."  We shouldn't demand that the people of this nation or the world for that matter, pay for something that is not needed ..i.e..... the Kyoto Treaty.  The Kyoto Treaty is nothing but politics.

    The politics of all this is what is truly alarming.  There are people out there that believe they know better than you and that if it wasn't for them you would perish.  They tend to drive stories like "Global Warming" because it gives them power over your everyday life and further leads some (who are stupid enough to believe it) to believe that without these "caring" leaders life would be a disaster.  We won't get into all of that on this page but lets just agree that there are those out there who think they know better than you.  We've all met them at times at one level or another and they are out there in high places in "big government" as well as being right there in your office.

    Just follow the links below to see some of the facts you haven't heard.











This is a chart from John Daly's page showing the mean temperature in the United States for the past century.  If you will notice; the hottest decade was the 1930's.  (Can you say dust bowl?)

    You can also see the '70's had a lower temperature during the "ice age" scare of that decade.

    The spike near the end of the century was 1998's El Nino.






REPUBLICANS TO PLANET EARTH: DROP DEAD!   The tail end of this article has several quotes from some well respected scientist about "Global Warming."